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UNIK 360 presents a new concept of CROWD SEVA to mitigate the sufferings under the project called SANKALPAM meaning DETERMINATION,  This is a First ever project of UNIK 360 to augment funds for the sake of helping less privileged sections in the community/ society.


Project SANKALPAM is conceived by UNIK 360 with a rare combination of like minded, right thinking young dynamic and enthusiastic members with a unison of thought to do something to alleviate and assuage the sufferings of less fortunate around us, who struggle to make both ends meet Inspite of hard work and sincerity and to live a decent life.


How It Works ?  

Sankalpam members will commit to donate a sum of Rs.1k / 2k / 5k  every month, USD 10 or more from outside India, which shall be added every month, under the aegis of the scheme. UNIK 360 is planning to take care of the requirements of those less fortunate brethren in the society to fulfil their needs towards school fees, basic health needs, provide them with seed amount to start a new life, may be providing them or help them providing a push cart to start a Small business of their own to have a decent, We do agree this kind of social cause requires huge money, this is where the concept of Crowd funding will be of immense help Members you will also have privilege of recommending any beneficiary in known circles, if they are in need of any such help. Join Sankalpam today !! 

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Beneficiary Speaks 

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